Photoshop & Lightroom Classes

We run a range of Photoshop and Lightroom classes alternating each month in Melbourne, all on Mac computers. A maximum of 6 people per class and fully illustrated notes, ensures everyone receives an excellent understanding of all the material covered - Register Now

Which class is right for you?

Lightroom is an incredible program with the power of a raw processor for image adjustments and a database for image management, making it the go to application for digital photographers wishing to manage a large amount of images quickly and efficiently. Lightroom is perfect for all of your basic adjustment and to get your images ready to present with minimal fuss.

Photoshop is more designed for highly complex manipulations and reconstructions of single images or small groups of images. As Photoshop is such a sophisticated program there is quite a bit to learn to get the most out of it. However, if you are looking to make heavy alterations and manipulations then Photoshop is the industry standard application.

I believe that Lightroom is probably the best program for digital photographers to get on top of first so they can be more focused on their shooting than their post processing. However, once under control Lightroom integrates seamlessly with Photoshop making the pair of them invaluable tools for all photographers.

Mastering Lightroom - Intro to Intermediate - 2 days
Day 1 reveals the core structure and logic of Lightroom and will get you confident importing your images, making adjustments to improve their appearance and exporting them in the most appropriate formats for print and web. Day 2 gets you managing more complex structures with multiple catalogs and fine image adjustments in the Develop Module.

  • Lightroom Vs Photoshop - All the confusion resolved.
  • The Library Module - Importing and Image organisation.
  • Catalog Management - Understanding the Lightroom Structure.
  • Importing - Getting images in to Lightroom from any source.
  • The Develop Module - Fine tuned, non destructive image adjustment.
  • Exporting - All the print & web presets you could need for total control.
  • Output Modules - Slideshow, Print & Web, all their secrets revealed.
  • Catalog Management - Creating and managing multiple Catalogs.
  • Importing and utilising Smart Previews.
  • The Develop Module - Localised image adjustment with the direct adjustments tools.
  • Lens Corrections, Noise Reduction and Sharpening Workflows.
  • Round tripping to Photoshop - For the best of both worlds.
  • Output Modules - Creating Photo Books.
  • Fully illustrated notes provided.
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Lightroom Level Three - Advanced - 1 day
Taking it to the next level Lightroom level 3 reveals the most complex workflows with splitting and merging of catalogs, shooting tethered and highly detailed image adjustment in the Lightroom and with Photoshop as required. Also covered will be Colour Management for Lightroom.

  • Multiple importing exercises to illustrate every possible situation and option.
  • Many potential catalog problems simulated and resolved.
  • Best practices for Backup of Catalogs, Settings and Images.
  • Splitting and Merging Catalogs for total control.
  • Lightroom's Basic adjustment sliders compared to Tone Curves.
  • Getting in to Photoshop and managing its most powerful features.
  • Understanding Colour Management for perfect results every time.
  • Fully illustrated notes provided.
  • Current dates and registrations.

Photoshop Level One - Intro - 1 day

This course is designed to teach you the core basics of Photoshop and assumes no prior knowledge. Photoshop Level One is the perfect foundation to build a solid, professional workflow upon and feeds perfectly into our Photoshop Level Two class.

  • Interface & Orientation with Photoshop & Bridge.
  • Paint & Brush tools - Getting a feel for it.
  • Selections & Layers - The fun really begins.
  • File Formats & Resolution - What, when and why?
  • Tonal Adjustment - Controlling Brightness and contrast
  • Colour Adjustment - Correcting and enhancing the colours in your images.
  • Adjustment Layers - To give you total flexibility.
  • Cloning & Healing - The key retouching tools.
  • Panoramic Stitching
  • Fully illustrated notes provided.
  • Current dates and registrations.

Photoshop Level Two - Intermediate - 1 day
This course is designed to take your skills to the next level and assumes you are competent in the basics of Photoshop Level 1 above. Fine image adjustment for optimal colour and tone and powerful techniques and strategies for maximum control of detail will be the focus.

  • Tonal Adjustment - Levels Vs Curves and beyond.
  • Colour Correction - Fixes for Skin, Sky, Grass & more.
  • Selective Colour Enhancing - With Hue/Saturation and Vibrance.
  • Complex Layer Masking - Bringing their amazing power to your fingertips.
  • Fine Tune Selection - Isolating precise details.
  • Automation - Actions & Batch processing to do it all for you.
  • Content Aware - Manipulating pixels in astounding new ways.
  • Merging to HDR - High Dynamic Range imaging that works.
  • Fully illustrated notes provided.
  • Current dates and registrations. 


Photoshop Level Three - Advanced - 1 day
Moving well beyond the intermediate Photoshop Level Three is all about refining your skills and control. This class assumes you understand layers and masks reasonably well but want to dig deeper into the more advanced Photoshop features.

  • Blending Modes - The hidden power tools.
  • Super fine contrast controls.
  • Advanced Masking with Luminosity and Saturation.
  • The power of Channels and all they reveal.
  • Complex selections made easy.
  • Super fine retouching control
  • Professional Sharpening Techniques.
  • Fully illustrated notes provided.
  • Current dates and registrations. 

Glowschool Pricing

One Day Classes are $395
Two Day Classes are $595